Friday, September 4, 2015

weekend turf warrior 9/5/15

It's the Labor Day long weekend, and Closing Weekend at the Spa. there are 3 graded stakes on the turf Saturday, including the Saranac for 3 yo & the Glens Falls for F&M at the Spa, and the Boiling Springs at MTH. In the Glen Falls, the fav #6 Gold Espony is looking to make it 4 from 4 and i see her going to the front and controlling the pace, although could end up dueling with Ceisteach which could set it up for #3 eastern belle or #9 Regardez. The Saranac is named for a village in the Adirondack mountains located about two hours north of the track. This race was run on the main track prior to 1979, and has been contested at distances ranging from one mile to 1 3/16 miles. It has been run at 1 1/8 miles since 2011. The Glens Falls is named after a town located about 15 minutes north of Saratoga Springs. Also known as “Hometown U.S.A.,” a title given to it by Look magazine in 1944, Glens Falls was given its name in 1788 by Colonel Johannes Glen, referring to a large waterfall in the Hudson River at the southern end of the city. In the HBO series “The Sopranos,” Tony Soprano’s brother-in-law Bobby Baccalieri owns a home in Glens Falls, which Tony and Carmela visited in the sixth season episode “Soprano Home Movies.” It's unclear how the Boiling Springs got its name -- there's a Boiling Springs in PA. The race used to be at MED

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